Pineries are back!

Hey folks! Corbin and I just played our first show as a Pineries duo and it was super validating. Looks like we’re back with more instruments than ever 🙂 Corbin is doing a little bit of one handed drumming and keyboard playing.  I’ve added a loop pedal to the mix and a bit of saxophone.  Stay tuned for more shows and songs. We may even be adding a bassist to the mix! Thanks to Guthries for being such homey place to debut! 

June at Guthries with Hersey State, Greg McKillop, and Tina Smith

We would have been happy just coming to see this show let alone playing with all these amazing folks!

Pineries in the Phoenix!

Pineries Play The Beat Rust (Acoustic) at Trinity Church

Video courtesy of Patrick Russell of Ramble Productions.

Jordan is missing from the video but Corbin and Denise spontaneously created an arrangement to Loose Cannon that included stopping, two straw boxes, and a ukulele! Enjoy and check out more videos from Ramble Productions.

Space Gallery with Post Provost

Space Gallery with Post Provost

Thanks, friends, for coming out to the show Friday. It was a our Portland debut 🙂 and we opened for Post Provost’s CD release party.  It was a pretty sweet night all around.  We are definitely still grinning from it 🙂

Brunswick is the Bomb

So we played the Bomb Shelter’s last show for a bit last Saturday. We felt so welcome and were cuddled by the audience.  God how we love house shows!  Thanks to Nick and Stephanie!  And the bands we played with were upstanding citizens 🙂  It was just so nice to play a show where everyone stuck around to listen to one another, shake hands, and make plans to play more shows.  Kudos to Huak, Speaker of the Dead, and Ryan Brunswick we so enjoyed the diversity in the night. Mathy hardcore, honest folk and story telling, and electronic witty pop.  Good shit!  We want to play with you again and would love to have you at our house show venue, THE BEAT RUST. All that to say is that  Brunswick was the bomb!

Brunswick Show this Saturday

We are playing our first Bombshelter show in Brunswick, ME, but it happens to be there last for a while.  It’ll be a packed night.  Huak, JE double F, Awaas, Speaker for the Dead, and Pineries will all play starting at 6:30pm.  It’s located at 55 Jordan Ave.

House Show!

House Show!

At our home on the second floor, in a rust colored room called THE BEAT RUST. Gaelle Robin, Christopher Pulsoni, and Pineries will play!

New Show!

April 28th at 7pm in Lewiston, ME…Pineries will host Gaelle Robinson at their practice space located on the 2nd floor of the Faire Bande A Part Housing Cooperative (75 Maple Street).  Stay tuned for more acts and details.  We are in the midst of coming up with a name for our venue!  In the meantime, check out this link:

Pineries member, Denise featured on Ramble Productions video

“Govern Urself,” off of D. Dill’s 2009 release CITY CEMETERIES featured as an instrumental track for a Ramble Productions Music Video. More releases from Ramble Productions can be found at